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Danish artist, Rebebe releases new EP ’"Deserving" along lead single & video "Tissue".

The new EP by the 20-year-old alternative pop artist from Copenhagen is released along with the piano-driven lead single, ‘Tissue’-a slush ice-colored stretched out tongue at privilege blindness!

Rebebe arrived on the alt-pop scene last year with the release of ‘What Are You Into’. The 5-tracker introduced a 20-year-old artist with a multifaceted musical mind who writes humorous yet poignant and authentic songs while her voice is another worldly experience; confident but frantic. However, the universe of Rebebe is one of unexpected twists and turns.

This is where introvert becomes extrovert and what seems to be real is or is not of pure imagination.

Following up on ‘What Are You Into’ including the widely acclaimed singles, ‘DVDs’ and ‘Prozac’, Rebebe is releasing her new EP, ‘Deserving’–five new unpredictable tracks which unfolds stories, feelings and thoughts of restlessness, comfort, cynicism, joy and pride.

“Every song either criticizes myself or things I’ve seen happen.They are told with optimism-the World might howl but hope is essential,”

Rebebe says and continues:

“The sound on‘ Deserving’ is more of a rational stroll. Lots of fat has been cut off. Feeling good has, surprisingly, been very inspiring to me. More clarity.2023 has almost felt like a year of hibernation finally about to bloom.”

The lead single is the piano-driven ‘Tissue’-a slush ice colored, stretched out tongue at privilege blindness.

The songs on ‘Deserving’ are all written and performed by Rebebe along with co-producer, Villads Øster, of internationally acclaimed indie pop-outfit, Liss.


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