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Yore shares new track & video 'Sally Out' feat. MELLAH and Nuha Ruby Ra. Debut album 'Yore' released two weeks today 4th December via FLAT FIVE Records.

Today, Yore shares new track ‘Sally Out’ which features MELLAH and Nuha Ruby Ra. It was created to flow and meander as it pleased and Yore kept tweaking and adding new parts, throwing everything at it until it resulted in unintentional shoegaze and dub. He enlisted the help of close friends MELLAH and Nuha Ruby Ra for an effortless finish.

Living together in the Hackney Wick art space known as Vicious Collective, Callum worked with visual artist Andrew Raynor once again for the VHS edited video. The collaboration aspect of the album really comes through on ‘Sally Out’ as his closeness with MELLAH and Nuha make for a fun and effortless, filmed jam session between friends.

Callum said the below on ‘Sally Out’;

"I wanted to make a track that was free to flow & meander without having to follow a traditional

song structure.

I added multiple layers of instrumentation that culminated into a dense & expansive palette - touching on the ‘wall of sound’ aesthetic.

Liam (Mellah) recorded his part first; processing his vocals with delays & intricate chops. Then Nuha (my housemate) wrote a perfect counterpart for the outro - the final piece of the puzzle!

I tracked two entwining drum parts with Syd at Wilton Way Studios which brought the song to a chaotic climax. It’s one of my favourite tracks on the

record & the perfect opener for the album."

Photo: Eddie Whelan

Yore will release his self titled debut album on 4th December via FLAT FIVE Records.


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