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Thor Rixon shares his new single & video 'Won't Stop Crying.

Thor Rixon delivers another funk-drenched single with 'Won't Stop Crying'. The South African-born, Berlin-based musician comes in hard with big groove and bounce, all whilst dealing with a break-up in today's gross abundance of dating apps and social media that force us to stay connected.

Won’t Stop Crying’ is the third in a series of visuals featuring Thor, culminating in an EP later in the year.

If there’s one thing you can rely on when Thor Rixon is creating a video, it’s that he will give it his absolute all. This was put to the test in this video as Thor had to dig deep to keep the tears rolling throughout the shoot.

Director, Rob Smith, gives his account of the filming experience,

“The concept itself, naturally taken from the lyrics of the song, made use of the POV of an iPhone throughout a breakup, giving the video a unique perspective, where most of the crucial action takes place out of focus, behind the phone. This was a really fun creative challenge.

“Thor is a natural performer. You put a camera on him and it’s hard to take it off. The main shoot itself was a tiny crew, consisting of myself, the “girl,” a DOP and two assistants. Thor and I later shot the iPhone footage all over Cape Town, pushing and pulling on those heart strings.

Once Thor turned that tap on, there was no stopping him. He truly did not stop crying."

Gaining a bit of a reputation as a lovable and hopeless lothario with extremely talented dance moves and penetrable vocal hooks, Thor Rixon continues to connect with fans and tastemakers alike, including This Song Is Sick, EARMILK, Indie Shuffle, and Acid Stag.

Heavily inspired by Global funk and soul, and acts such as Toro Y Moi and his best friends strongboi, the Thor Rixon bedroom-pop sound slots perfectly within the genres of French electro, Australian dream-pop, nu-disco and house.

Thor Rixon was born in Cape Town and decided to move to Berlin to immerse himself in music. He’s been producing and performing his unique take on house music and nu-disco for the past few years, releasing with renowned German labels such as Get Physical and Laut&Luise

Thor makes underground dance-floor burners that are written entirely on analog drum-machines, synthesizers, samplers and  his very own custom built modular synth. All of these compositions are then recorded to 1/8" tape. There is not a single computer used in this process. The sound is warm, dirty and full of deep grooves. 

Won’t Stop Crying

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