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The Klittens

The Klittens share new single "Reading Material". New EP "BUTTER" out march 8th. UK tour with Personal Trainer and Real Farmer starts this week.

Amsterdam's The Klittens share another immediate single in "Reading Material", the hooky third song to land from their upcoming EP "Butter", out March 8th.

Following the irresistible "Universal Experience" that landed in the Autumn, a song that saw the band garner significant debut support at both BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 6, and the off-kilter melodies of follow-up "Atlas", "Reading Material" represents the push and pull of trying to appear energetic while there's little to no energy left internally.

The song was written by guitarist Winnie in a period of extreme illness and fatigue, in which her days would fade into each other. The happy-go-lucky melodies are the foundation for the diary-like lyrics. 

The playful character of the song is reminiscent of an earlier release ‘Herkenbosch’. This playfulness is a unifying character of their songs and can be ascribed to their bedroom lo-fi approach to music writing.

With previous single "Atlas" the band takes a moment to reflect on the strange principle of promises, how can you speak on behalf of a future you? Insistent, playful and complete with a Sonic Youth-esque final third, all set to a melody that is equally inquisitive, "Atlas" hopes to be hopeful with a hint of melancholy.

"Atlas" reflects on the strange nature of lifelong promises and asks if they can exist. The band's vocalist Yaël Dekker says on the subject:

“How do you know you'll still want tomorrow what you want now? Let alone wanting it forever. How can you even say you will, when you have no idea who you’ll be then? Is a promise a feeling or a thought? Then what is more important in life, taking vows or keeping them?”

Since their inception, The Klittens have climbed out from the cracks of the fervent Amsterdam underground scene and onto some acclaimed stages. Mixing the catchiness of pop and fuzz with the darkness of art-rock and post-punk, they've crafted a sound that's truly and twistedly their own.

What initially began as an outlet for the group, both creatively and politically, mutated into more of a musical life mission for its members. Their DIY approach, from songwriting to booking shows and tour management, is what make The Klittens the ragtag bunch of misfits they are.Their first release landed last year, with a debut EP "Citrus" receiving international acclaim, solidifying their status through feverish word of mouth as a band on the rise and opening the door to shows with acts such as Alex G and SASAMI, alongside a thrilling full tour with Otoboke Beaver, and their first UK headline dates earlier this year.

"Butter" will be available on limited white 10” vinyl and all major streaming platforms. The EP, limited to 300 copies, is now ready to pre-order through their bandcamp.

The band will return for further UK shows in January with their friends in Personal Trainer.

Photo by: Jade Sastropawiro

Catch The Klittens live on the following dates:


25th - The Windmill, London26th

The Lanes, Bristol27th

Cavern, Exeter29th

The Arts Centre, Norwich30th

The Horn, St Albans31st

Junction 2, Cambridge


1st - The Crescent, York2nd

Trades Club, Hebden Bridge3rd

Sidney & Matilda, Sheffield

The Klittens - Butter EP

Out March 8th


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