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SHRINK (aka Vasser) debuts lo-fi track 'Drowning' paired with scorching video directed by Ethan + Tom.

SHRINK is the new project from Sam Breathwick. At just 22 years old, he has already made a name for himself as the hotly-tipped producer Vasser, and has gained millions of listens on Spotify. 

As well as SHRINK, Sam continues to collaborate with the likes of Connie Constance on the rippling ‘Monty Python', the opening tracks from NAYANA IZ’s explosive EP ‘SMOKE & FLY’, Sam Akrpo, Scuti, Sunken etc.

Based on his experiences from the past few years, SHRINK is where Sam has been able to come into his own, and turn those experiences into meaningful lyrics - complemented by woozy guitars, lo-fi ambience, and effortlessly smooth vocals. His songwriting depicts the struggles of those closest to him, how it’s affected those around them, and that things might not be as perfect as they seem.

Drowning’ is written from the point of view of his brother, and the breakdown of a romantic relationship he experienced whilst living in their family home. A mellow lullaby for those who are overwhelmed by life pressures and depression.

A dollhouse-like replica of his family home was built for the video, where the flames start in his brother’s room, before taking over the whole house. An undeniable metaphor on how a person’s depression can affect the people around them, and it perfectly captures what it’s like to be taken over by a relationship and feel like you’re being engulfed in flames.

“I’m breathing in the pressure, just to breathe it out again.”

SHRINK takes the standout qualities of King Krule, Beach Fossils, and Yellow Days, and completely makes them his own, and has a musical maturity that foretells many more exciting things to come.

On ‘Drowning’, Sam said;

“The instrumental was written with Aviram Barath and Callum Duncan, and I spent a while with just the instrumental waiting for the right thing to write about.

I wrote the song from my brother's perspective, as he came back from finishing university and was very distant due to his struggles with his relationship and depression. Wrote the lyrics that night and recorded them the day after!”

The video was directed by duo Ethan + Tom who have created videos for Flohio, Connie Constance, The Murder Capital, and more, and was filmed entirely by iPhone. On a walk Sam took with his brother during lockdown in Kent, they found a thermal reader which they used in the video by immersing Sam in ice cold water, and then filming him at 4am with it attached to an iPhone.

Image by Ethan + Tom


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