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Synth Pop Auteur Primer (Alyssa Midcalf) shares new single and video "Warning", from upcoming album 'Incubator' via Egghunt Records.

Primer is the alias and creative project of vocalist/producer Alyssa Midcalf, she is sharing her new single and beautiful video "Warning" directed in the Mojave desert by Jax Anderson.

Warning is a celebration of the end of a toxic relationship. It’s a grand finale to the record and to a years long cycle of pain and anguish. I wrote the song during a hard turn in my life.

I spent so much of my life with someone who siphoned my energy and depleted my whole world of color and light.

I had to come to terms with knowing I will never be able to change the past or get that time back but I could meditate on the fact that I am no longer in that place.

Alyssa says.

I chose to shoot the video in the Mojave desert because it’s where I grew up. I spent all my teen years trying to reject the desert; feeling stifled and isolated there and wanting so badly to move as far

away as possible.

And now that I have moved away to many different places, I’ve been able to accept that it will always be my home regardless of where I go.

Vocalist and electronic producer Alyssa Midcalf first introduced the world to her performance alias Primer with her 2019 debut album Novelty. The record showcased Midcalf’s ability to transmute trauma into something beautiful, detailing honest and sometimes harrowing stories against upbeat rhythms, lush melodies, and a modern take on ’80s-inspired synth.

Now, with her sophomore album Incubator, Midcalf has pushed the full weight of her musicality, angular songwriting, and ethereal vocals into 10 new wave tracks, creating a sound she describes as “abject pop” because the sonics are buoyant but the lyrics are anything but.

Through songs like the socially aware “Just A Clown,” the slow-building, “Feel The Way I Do” and celebratory “WarningIncubator, offers listeners a synth-pop lens to examine our relationship with ourselves, other people, and life itself.


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