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Poolside signs with Ninja Tune imprint Counter Records and shares new single & video "Each Night" featuring Mazy.

2023 is set to be a very exciting year for Poolside, the recording project of Los Angeles-based producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jeffrey Paradise. He will follow-up his last four albums with new music under a deal with Ninja Tune imprint label Counter Records.

Having previously self-released his records via his own imprint Pacific Standard Records, this marks the first time he’s partnered with a label. In the new relationship, Poolside joins Counter’s roster of pop-leaning experimental electronic artists and as the first offering, the single “Each Night” featuring Australian psychedelic indie-pop band Mazy is released today.

“Well, after 10 years of meeting with record labels, I had a meeting that changed everything. Instead of talking about hits, radio or TikTok, we talked about music – imagine that! Ninja Tune/Counter Records suggested getting weirder, experimenting, digging deeper and ignoring the rules. I couldn’t believe my ears. It was the polar opposite of every other meeting I’ve ever taken. It was about going deeper, not wider; it was about what was important for Poolside as an artist and the legacy of the art. I was listening,”

adds Jeffrey Paradise. Maddy Salvage, VP of A&R North America at Ninja Tune / Counter says,

“After being long term fans, we are delighted to have Poolside join Ninja Tune’s imprint Counter Records. This next body of work really feels like a new chapter for a project that continues to evolve and surprise us with the sheer quality of songwriting, artistry and creative vision, and we're incredibly excited to play a part in Jeffrey's musical journey going forward.”

“To me ‘Each Night’ feels fresh, new, exciting and edgy, while also sounding totally familiar. It’s a balancing act I often aim for and feel like it is achieved on this song more harmoniously than I’ve ever managed before,”

shares Jeffrey Paradise of the song.

“The influences at play feel like an amalgamation of all of the music I’ve listened to, played and internalised over my many years of loving music. It’s like your favourite song you’ve never heard before, with glimmers of so many styles ranging from Shoegaze to Madchester to prog rock to dance to dub all making appearances throughout.”

“‘Each Night' was written during the ending stages of a relationship,”

shares collaborator Mazy.

“I was always working late and didn't own a car, so I found myself running home to her through the empty streets in the dead of night. It is a song about realising that something is coming to an end, but holding on to the joy and beauty of the way it was, not yet ready to let go. The song came together organically, we feel it captures the essence of offering your best at the beginning of creating something new and are honoured to collaborate with Poolside, who’s work we admire.”

The “Each Night” single is accompanied by a video directed by emerging artist Nathan Castiel whose portfolio includes work for Remi Wolf, Jackson Wang and Surf Curse. Between a retro-futuristic setting reminiscent of A Clockwork Orange, Castiel tapped AI artist Max Kreis who utilized off-market technology to weave velvety illustration throughout enhancing the storyline.

Shares Castiel on the video,

"With Each Night, I wanted to tell a dark and quirky sci-fi story about a young woman addicted to an immersive VR world. The video is multimedia, with half shot live action on 16mm film and the other half animated using generative AI techniques. I collaborated with an incredible animator named Max Kreis who has been working with generative AI for close to 5 years.

The technology is a bit of a dark art to me but I knew it would be the perfect maximal digital foil to the narrative’s minimal analog aesthetic."

Photo by Shawn Hanna

Meanwhile, Poolside who just performed live its biggest show of its career to an audience of 40,000 at Mexico’s Festival Viaiven is confirmed for many high profile festival dates this year including Lollapalloza, Osheaga, Outside Lands, Corona Capital, Format Festival, Austin City Limits and more:

Tour Dates:

May 20 - Tecate Supremo, Juarez, MEXICO

May 21 - Corona Capital, Guadalajara, MEXICO

May 26 - The Marble Bar (Movement Afters), Detroit, MI

Jun 30 - LIS-BON Festival, Lisbon, PORTUGAL

Aug 3-6 - Lollapalooza, Chicago, IL

Aug 4 - Osheaga Festival, Montreal, CANADA

Aug 13 - Outside Lands, San Francisco, CA

Sept 22-24 - Format Festival, Bentonville, AR

Oct 6-8 - Austin City Limits, Austin, TX

Oct 13-15 - Austin City Limits, Austin, TX


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