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Swedish sister duo LOKATT releases new EP LA Dream & shares video for the title track.

New EP LA Dream by Swedish sister duo LOKATT is a gentle summer breeze with Cocoon artist Harald Björk’s shimmering remixes as a delightful flavor and an LA shot video by Emi Löfgren as a glossy visual representation.

Last week, Stockholm sister duo LOKATT released The EP LA Dream, two tracks by LOKATT and remixes by Swedish artist Harald Björk (Cocoon, Studio Barnhus, Kranglan Broadcast). With the EP routined producers, LOKATT’s Johanna and Nina Piroth present a new style of writing and producing. The songs were originally written to pitch for other artists, but they decided to sing and finish the tracks as LOKATT originals instead. The result is a more traditional pop with a fresh new summer vibe that’s sweet and balearic, but the trademark melancholy of the sisters remains. With the fantastic remix made by one of Sweden’s most interesting techno producers Harald Björk the track LA Dream became more danceable and hopeful. The entire EP makes you want to sink into a dream by a pool or on a beach to while reality’s ”keep the distance” mantra lies ghostly between the lines.

LOKATT started producing techno music with pop influences in 2013, using their self-built recording studio, Oma’s Studio. They describe their music as techno pop from the woods of Sweden, inspired by the Nordic nature and the surroundings where they live.

The vocal harmonies can be traced to their background in the indie folk pop duo Piroth, which they toured Europe and released several records with. In 2015 LOKATT released their acclaimed debut EP “Karg”, the single The Hill was picked by Samir Yousufi (Swedish National Radio, P3) as “one of the best dance tracks of the year”.

The debut was followed by Samoa EP 2017, premiered by Musikguiden i P3 (Swedish National Radio) and featured by HYMN and Tanzgemeinschaft. In 2019 the duo released the single Me and AI together with a remix, premiered by Discobelle.

LOKATT also run the label Oma Gusti with releases by top name artists such as Harald Björk, Studio Barnhus, Nathan Fake, Missincat, The Land Below and Clara Moto



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