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Kelly Lee Owens

Kelly Lee Owens shares 'One', the new track taken from her upcoming album LP.8 out April 29 on Smalltown Supersound.

Kelly Lee Owens unveils her new single, 'One', taken from her forthcoming album LP.8 which will be released this Friday, April 29 on Smalltown Supersound. This new album was created without prejudice or expectations: an unbridled exploration of Owens' creative subconscious. 'One' bridges the gap between her acclaimed sophomore album, Inner Song, and LP.8, with its striking blend of vocals and lyrics set against Owens' trademark avant-garde-pop production backdrop. The result is haunting, raw and poetic.

With the release of her second album Inner Song at the start of the pandemic and the cancellation of her world tour that followed. She makes the decision to travel to Oslo and spend time in the studio, eager to use that untapped creative energy, and then surround herself with the eminent Lasse Marhaug (known for his work with Merzbow, Sunn O))) and Jenny Hval).

They therefore plan to work on music halfway between Throbbing Gristle and Enya, artists who had a lasting impact on the creativity of Kelly Lee Owens. Thus they combine hard industrial sounds with ethereal Celtic mysticism, creating music which oscillates between tension and relaxation.

One month later, Kelly called her label to tell them she had created something of an outlier, her ‘eighth album’.

Kelly Lee Owens - 'LP.8'

Smalltown Supersound.

Pre-order here


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