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Helena Deland

Helena Deland returns with new single 'Lylz' dedicated to Sororal Friendship

Montreal singer-songwriter Helena Deland makes her long-awaited, triumphant return with a soaring new single.

"Lylz" is a touching ode to sororal friendship, sparked by lush instrumentation and Deland's vivid and beautifully poignant lyrics.

After the French composer Lili Boulanger’s untimely death, her sister Nadia devoted her life to spreading the legacy of her younger sister’s musical genius. It was when Deland’s friend Lylz arranged a concert of the late sisters’ compositions a century later that Deland first heard the Boulangers’ music and learned of their immortal devotion to one another.

The tone was set, then, for Deland’s epic homage to her friendship with Lylz: a double-edged promise to sisterhood and to the mirthless pursuit of recognition, an ode to a friendship born out of mutual esteem and fanned by the flames of worldly dissatisfaction.

Lylz” pens out in loopy lapis cursive the delicate line between a lust to be witnessed, and the buoyant, aching forever-after of female friendship.

Helena also made tote bags in honor of Lylz:

"We made a 'Lylz' themed tote bag that is for sale on Bandcamp. All the profits will go towards supporting Taking What We Need, Solidarity Across Borders, and The Native Women's Shelter in Montreal. Thanks for being here and hope you're well."

Helena Deland - Lylz


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