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Copenhagen based pop-punk band “Girlcrush”, share their 3rd single “I’m Easy”.

As the title implies, “I’m Easy” is a sexy song that gives insight into the experience of lust from a queer and feminine perspective - a theme that alligns well with overall focus of the band’s upcoming EP that deals with everything from gender perception and body ideals to sexuality and love relations.

What inspired you to write the “I’m Easy”?

I (Andrea) wrote the song after I had a sex dream about Nat – a direct relation to the line “dreamt about you last night, you’re so bright in my mind…” and like that I was inspired to write a sexy song.

I Kind of wrote it just for the fun of it, wrote one verse, chorus, and a bridge. After a couple of months, I took it to the rehearsal studio and we tried out, and then I wrote the second verse while we had a beer break.

The first verse is about being together with another person, for example on a date, and you are really horny – so horny that you can’t think or talk and just want to find a place to bang/fuck the person.

The second verse is about going to a park to bang/fuck and you just want the other person to take the control because you cannot think (for) yourself

What do you want a listener to gain from hearing the number?

We hope the song makes people horny! We think it is a very sexy and smooth song that gives the listener insight on how lust can be/is experienced from a queer and feminine perspective. Most of the songs about/regarding sex are written by men and describe sexual lust from a male perspective. They tend to be quite objectifying revolve around how hot and fuckable a specific woman is. If you take look at how WAP (Cardi B) has been received it’s too controversial for women (and people with other gender identifications than male) to sing about sex. I’m Easy puts an end to the idea about it being shameful for non-males to want to have sex and express themselves openly about it. We believe that women and queers be able to dress how they want and have sex with as many as they want without being slut shamed.

How is the number connected to the rest of your musical project?

Maybe like so many other songs it can be perceived as sort of a story about being a deviator. Where other songs are about the feeling of being different because you are mentally ill or unemployed, this song is about feeling lust and wanting kinky sex. It provides/gives a glance into the queer BDSM and kink environment, where many give themselves permission to fantasize and experiment with new ways of having sex in new constellations of open and poly relations.

Is there anything else you wish to highlight about the number?

The song has a slightly more different sound and is heavier and sexier in the feel and expression than our other songs, which are pretty much all up-tempo and with lots of energy. Maybe that’s why it required a lot of time and discussions before the song took its rightful form in the studio. Now we are very happy and proud with the final result.

Like any other legendary band, Nat, Andrea and Marie found each other through a post in the Facebook group ‘Indolent Feminists'. Here, Nat was searching for members for a new project with a small disclaimer:

"I can play a little guitar and piano and sing relatively badly, but sufficiently."

Although no one had actually played an instrument before, Andrea and Marie jumped on the bandwagon. The original ambition was just to enjoy playing a covers of e.g. The Cure’s: “Boys Don’t Cry,” but as the interplay, friendship, and love for the project grew, the ambitions grew as well. And despite both skepticism and mansplaining from their circle of music-interested acquaintances (because "you can't call yourself a band when you have hardly learned to play on an instrument"), they were soon booked at Roskilde Festival without having released any music yet.

What they didn't have in musical experience, they compensated for in their ability to write uncomplicated and catchy pop songs - filled to the brim with opinions, attitude and love. Now they are ready with their debut EP, 'girlcrush', which with the band's characteristic honesty and charm shines through with lyrics that are both angry and sweet; raw and infectious.

On November 20, 2020, the debut EP "girlcrush" will be released via W.A.S. Entertainment.


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