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Grunge-noise duo GHXST share new track 'It Falls Apart', taken from their upcoming EP 'Dark Days'.

Grunge-noise duo GHXST have recently announced the release of their new EP 'Dark Days' on 16th November.

Following up the release of 'P.U.R.R' back in September, the duo has now shared a second track from EP.

'It Falls Apart' was written when GHXST drove out to California leaving New York behind, after having lived there for over a decade. Hazy vocals are mixed with the downtuned riffs of a Marshall cab, a loving reference to two of their all-time heroes Jimi and Iommi.

The EP was written and recorded between New York and California and was mixed by long-time collaborator and UK producer James Aparicio (Nick Cave, Grinderman, Spiritualized).

Sonically, it’s an exercise in restraint and volume. GHXST say:

"We built the beats to sound like an 808 booming out of a Cadillac window in Bed Stuy," the Brooklyn neigbourhood where they are normally based. Guitars range from intimate Mazzy Star acoustic tones to dreamy feedback. And through it all, hazy vocals from some nowhere highway. They add "We hope someone blows out a speaker playing this record".

The EP is named after James Baldwin’s book. "No one is free until everyone is free".


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