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FEWS share soaring new single 'Strafe' ahead of imminent LP release.

Multinational post-punk quartet FEWS have shared ‘Strafe’, the third and final single from their much anticipated third album ‘GLASS CITY’ which is set for release on the 14th April via Welfare Sounds & Records.

With members hailing from Sweden, America & England, FEWS have built a fearsome reputation for their intense sound and immersive live shows; touring across the UK and Europe with the likes of Pixies, Fat White Family, Bloc Party, DIIV and Crack Cloud. Championed by multiple musical outlets, FEWS have carved out their place at the crest of a blistering new wave of post-punk.

Unlike the barely contained fury and hectic immediacy of previous singles ‘MASSOLIT’ and ‘Get Out’, ‘Strafe’ sees FEWS reflecting on their growth as a band since they burst onto the scene in 2015. Having survived numerous events that could easily have killed off any other act, from last minute label fallouts to losing founding members, FEWS chose instead to knuckle down, reassess their inspirations and hone an already formidably lean sound.

This reflection is immediately evident in the driving, motorik rhythms and resounding, melancholy guitar hooks that open ‘Strafe’, conjuring the likes of collective early inspirations Interpol, Editors and Maxïmo Park. Frontman Frederick Rundqvist doesn’t dwell on the past however, instead considering how the band’s diverse collective past has shaped their present form and, in turn, what that means for the shape of things to come…

Starting with nothing but the idea of creating something simple, FEWS experimented with producer Joakim Lindberg by stepping away from the familiar comforts of production polish and denying the urge to compromise their sound in any way. The result is ‘GLASS CITY’; an defiantly raw and honest record that strips the band back to its bones in order to showcase FEWS at their bracing, brutal best.

‘GLASS CITY’ is set for release April 14th, 2023 via Welfare Sounds & Records


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