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Dance Lessons

London serrated pop trio Dance Lessons return with new chill-pop single ‘Good Enough’.

Today, London-based trio Dance Lessons, share dreamlike and breezy new single 'Good Enough', made up of laidback airy beats and sleek chill-pop, the new single celebrates love and its sheer simplicity; it’s about stripping away the layers of superficiality that so often consume us, acknowledging that sometimes all we need is right in front of us.

Dance Lessons are a female fronted and produced band, made up of Ann, Tom and Nat. Blending alternative pop, electronica, disco, soul and jazz, the trio create their own genre that they’ve coined ‘Serrated Pop’. They create music for fans of the likes of Little Dragon, Big Piig, Jessie Ware and Sault whilst embracing influences from further afar with nods to icons such as Massive Attack, Bjork and Rosin Murphy.

The trio take pride on the fact they are female fronted and most importantly, female produced. Dance Lesson's polished production all comes down to Ann, something that the band feel is lacking and underrepresented across the industry. With only 3% of female producer's work making the charts, Dance Lesson's feel there is a long way to go but are paving the way for this change.

Ann comments:

“You only have to look at the Glastonbury headliners this year to see how much the industry still needs a kick up the ass to champion more female-led bands that are worthy of holding their own on the Pyramid Stage. But for us, it's even more of a complete void when it comes to top-level female producers... Where are they and who are they??”

Dance Lessons are the product of an actual dance-off between Tom and Ann at a house party back in 2019, after Tom took the crown with a slut drop, the pair got talking and established that they shared a love of disco, soul, jazz, alternative and pop. From this, Tom invited Ann along to the new project he was starting with long-time friend and collaborator, Nat and thus, Dance Lessons were born. Having released their first three, critically acclaimed singles during the midst of the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, the fear and uncertainty of releasing music during this time, threw all their inhibitions away, and encouraged the trio to focus on music they love.


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