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Aussie punk trio CLAMM share 'Something New' from forthcoming album CARE, out Aug 19th on Meat Machine.

CLAMM are sharing their new track & video 'Something New’. It comes ahead of their forthcoming 2nd album CARE, out August 19th on Meat Machine, It follows previous singles ‘Monday’ and ‘Bit Much’,

'Something New' highlights how the band have matured on this second record - with a more expansive sound that includes some wild free jazz skronk - all while holding onto the DNA that made their 2021 debut album Beseech Me so lovable – hard-nosed punk with raucous riffs and lyrics that confront oppressive power structures and upholds an ethos of anti-violence, anti-materialism, mental health awareness and fighting for social justice in the face of widespread complicity and incompetent, selfish leaders.

CARE finds newest member Maisie Everett (Belair Lip Bombs) on bass and backing vocals, joining guitarist/vocalist Jack Summers and drummer Mile Harding, best friends since primary school, to complete the trio's ultimate form.

The band's music was already concerned with the woes of the world, but the last two years have added extra urgency to their blown-out, dystopian punk power. They continue to be a clarion call for a generation facing an age of uncertainty, using a powerful brand of bracing punk to deliver a soundtrack for the evicted souls of modern convention.

The record was produced by Naomi Anzai (Rolling Blackouts CF, NO ZU, Cash Savage) who does a brilliant job capturing the raw and unrelenting energy of the Aussie band who have supported Amyl & The Sniffers,


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