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Carmel Smickersgill

Leed's own Carmel Smickersgill shares debut single "Greeting"! Debut EP to follow in 2022 via PRAH Recordings!

Emerging modern classical / outsider pop artist Carmel Smickersgill signs to PRAH Recordings, as she works towards her debut EP (anticipated early 2022). Now, she shares new standalone single "Greeting".

Dehumanised vocals lay down the instrumental intent of "Greeting", before disparate drum sounds and distorted cellos complete the dystopian intro. When the brass version of the melody finally breaks through the low-frequency-heavy and mutated club-leaning electronics, it feels like seeing a full picture which previously you could only see a part of.

““Greeting” is an introduction to a new way of working for myself as an artist,"

says Smickersgill.

"It features my own voice, something I’ve previously avoided using in my work. I love bold sounds that don’t shrink away and lay down a statement of intent to the listener rather than beautiful subtle noises. “Greeting” definitely plays up to this preference."


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