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Danish / Faroese Brimheim releases single "Kafka", the first single of the upcoming EP "Myself Misspelled"

Brimheim releases single about people's inner search and their detours on the way to finding themselves. "Kafka" is the first single on the upcoming EP "Myself Misspelled", which will be released this fall.

With dark, volatile guitars, naively programmed drum machines and a strong, sincere vocal, Brimheim can best be described as the illegitimate love child of Florence Welsh and PJ Harvey - a goth teenager who listens to Radiohead and reads Murakami. The lyrics are full of anxiety, hope and humor and center on the same kind of existential vulnerability, which can be found in Mitski and Julia Jacklin's musical universe.

Brimheim is the result of a turbulent time in singer and songwriter Helena Heinesen Rebensdorff's life. In 2016 she moved from Aarhus to Copenhagen and started on the Music Creation candidate at the Rhythmic Music Conservatory; totally intimidated and with the

feeling of being the new kid in class - and with a lot of notions of who she would like to be:

“Back then I thought: I don't wanna be a singer-songwriter - I don't want that label. I’m a producer and I make electronic music. But why am I struggling so hard to be this person

when it's so easy for me to write songs on guitar? It was my own self-condemnation."

Honest and catchy indie rock It wasn't until Helena found her roots and dived into the music she listened to in her teenage years that she felt alive and inspired again. From the tunes of Nirvana and PJ Harvey appeared the thought "God, this is what I must return to!" - And she did.

The single "Kafka" is about the hyper-self-awareness that Helena herself experienced and which many experience in their adolescence.

It is about your conception of who you should be and what you should do: You feel that you have to cultivate certain things, because you have a notion that it helps to optimize yourself as a person - even though you basically find it uninteresting:

I read a paperback ‘Kafka On The Shore’ in the car

I haven’t gotten that far into the story yet

I’m trying to get into reading again

I read one line and had to reread it a fourth time

not feeling entertained

In "Kafka" Helena sees herself from the outside and is both overwhelmed and under-stimulated by life. She puts words into her own self-awareness and the search for who she is, and at the same time frames the struggle and inner search that is part of human identity formation.

"Kafka" is out now via We Are Suburban.

Brimheim - Kafka (single)


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