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LA producer/singer BIIANCO shares the new single "A RESURRECTION OF SORTS (FT. KALEENA ZANDERS)" from the new album Mixtape #2’ out now.

Written as a way for BIIANCO to work through emotional trauma, Mixtape #2 project is broken into four chapters: Love (or Denial), Grief, Rage, and Rebirth. It is in these four stages that BIIANCO was able to find their voice as a non-binary person and a music producer. Looking beyond that, ‘Mixtape #2 serves as BIIANCO’s first body of work that’s self-written, self-engineered, and self-produced.

“Terrible heartbreak is a lifetime in the making. At the time I started writing the songs that would shape ‘Mixtape #2,’ I was propelling into bad love faster than an eighth grader on a Six Flags roller coaster, using everything that had come before — both good, bad, and traumatic — as an ill-fated foundation from which I built my bad love empire upon,”

BIIANCO shares.

“With ‘Mixtape #2,’ I wasn’t writing with intention; I was writing to process what was happening in real time, and as a result, it became an excruciatingly raw look at how trauma sets the stage for self-perpetuated cycles of wrong turns and heartbreak.”

Since community is something BIIANCO holds dear to their heart, it’s no surprise they wanted to include collaborations with artists that inspire them to be their truest self on a daily basis. The uplifting opening track, “13 DEAD END DRIVE,” spotlights producer and drummer Madame Gandhi’s stellar percussion work paired with BIIANCO’s eclectic sonics. Between the crescendoing synths and playful tambourines, “13 DEAD END DRIVE” immediately thrusts us into BIIANCO’s plethora of musical tendencies.

A dance pop number you’d expect to hear in a night club, “WHAT'S IN YOUR HEAD” hears Luna Shadows lending her effervescent vocals.

“It’s a queer love song,” BIIANCO shares. “In a lot of queer relationships, there’s a confusing period at the beginning full of questions -- are they into me or are we just friends??? Should I kiss them??? WHAT’S IN THEIR HEAD?”

Tolliver may be a name you’re unfamiliar with right now, but this alternative R&B artist is breaking into the scene with a fantastic BIIANCO collaboration under his belt: “bold love.” Layered with house beats throughout, “bold love” gets our hearts pumping as Tolliver masters astounding falsettos after the second chorus.

Before ‘Mixtape #2’ wraps up, multi-genre mastermind Kaleena Zanders leaves us speechless with her soaring notes in “A Resurrection of Sorts,” also the focus single of 'Mixtape #2.' As the song title suggests, “A Resurrection of Sorts” represents BIIANCO’s rebirth as a non-binary producer reclaiming themself in an industry that’s been known to pave the way for the cis-male community and let others straggle behind.

"'Mixtape #2' is about more than just overcoming heartbreak, it’s also about a producer overcoming imposter syndrome and stepping into their style,"


"It’s about a non-binary person discovering their gender identity. It’s about community and collaboration.

And, ultimately, it’s about finding my voice. 'Mixtape #2' is the first body of work to ever be released by me, BIIANCO.

Written, engineered, produced by me, sprinkled with collaborations with artists who inspire me, I am honored to introduce you to 'Mixtape #2,' my firstborn child."


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