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Aistè announces upcoming albumThe Theory of Everything’ and shares new single "You've got the feeling".

East-London based, Lithuanian-born artist, Aistè, announces her 10-track album ‘The Theory of Everything’ scheduled for May, alongside the latest single ‘You’ve Got The Feeling’.

‘The Theory of Everything’ opens with the soulful sound of ‘Sunday’, prevalent in her already released ‘Rise’, and is a tone that carries itself through the rest of the project. Aistè is able to demonstrate a more delicate feel in her track ‘Easy’, meanwhile, ‘Whispers’ essentially encapsulates everything stands for, intertwining her traits from historically well-renowned eras and infusing her elements of the current Jazz uprising. An album designed for intricate listening, encouraging listeners to ‘tune in’, and curated for the live stage.

On the latest single, ‘You’ve Got The Feeling’ – based around the concepts of breakups, and the spiritual awakening that follow – is Aistè’s latest offering following on from her previous single ‘Rise’. Carrying on in similar fashion, the release perfectly showcases her powerhouse of a voice combined with strong melodies. On the track, the up and coming artist explains:

“Now I feel that the learning phase is over, I’m ready to deliver the goods.”

Alongside the release of her brand new single, Aistè is also announcing her debut album ‘The Theory of Everything’, heavily inspired by the atmospheric influences of Woodstock and written in a day on her first acid trip during the Summer equinox.

Aiste’s first release was her R&B-infused ‘Say When’, a song that introduced everyone to her euphonious vocals, and since this release she has maintained themes within her music that follow challenging concepts of modern politics, equality and freedom for women, and the idiosyncrasies of modern life. Meanwhile, she is also an accomplished film director, shooting all of her own music videos.

Originally from Lithuania and living all over Europe, Aistè eventually settled in East London. After graduating from LSE, she began crafting her unique musical sound. Inspired by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Cleo Sol, Pink Floyd and The Beatles, the young artist recently produced the soundtrack for Levi’s Summer 67’ collection (including the likes of Hailey Bieber, Barbie Ferreira and others). With a massive year ahead that includes more music, touring and creating, and a regular podcast, you never know what’s going to come next with this exceptional talent.


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