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Wicca Phase Springs Eternal

New single 'Moving Without Movement' released, with self titled album out 2nd June 2023 via Run For Cover.

Wicca Phase Springs Eternal has returned with the announcement of his self-titled new full-length, due out June 2nd from Run For Cover Records.

For over a decade the Pennsylvania-based singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Adam McIlwee, has been using the Wicca Phase Springs Eternal moniker to create a vast catalog that's as unpredictable as it is impressive, and now the name is also the title of his latest full-length: Wicca Phase Springs Eternal offers the musician’s most finely honed and welcoming songs to date, but it’s more than just a self-titled album - it’s a portal, an entryway into an entire world.

To mark the announcement, McIlwee has shared the album's sweeping first single, 'Moving Without Movement' and it's accompanying video. The track finds Wicca Phase Springs Eternal delving into cinematic synth-pop, with a shimmering bass line and longing melodies that would sound right at home being performed at The Roadhouse on an episode of Twin Peaks. It's the perfect introduction to the deeply unique universe that Wicca Phase Springs Eternal offers.

Wicca Phase Springs Eternal has been a fittingly enigmatic umbrella for McIlwee's work, but with his self-titled album he extends a guiding hand through the mists to welcome new listeners and longtime fans alike. Working closely with Darcy Baylis and Ben Greenberg, McIlwee focused on going deeper than ever into the world-building aspect of WPSE, while also expanding his sound in new directions. Drawing on elements of house, trance, new wave, and more, Wicca Phase Springs Eternal is bursting with mood and mystery, conjuring detailed imagery and cutting emotion in equal measure. It's an album that sums up what McIlwee does best: capturing both the romanticism and inscrutability of life’s biggest feelings.

“I probably say the word ‘mystery’ a hundred times on this record,”

he explains.

“That’s what I’m trying to bottle up–this idea of something that’s hard to know, but enticing."

When Wicca Phase Springs Eternal ends, you find yourself compelled to play it again - to enter the portal and once more find out where it leads.


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