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Why Bonnie

Today, Texas quintet Why Bonnie release new single/video, “Galveston,” via Fat Possum!

Led by songwriter/vocalist Blair Howerton and joined by keyboardist Kendall Powell, guitarist Sam Houdek, bassist Chance Williams, and drummer Josh Malett, “Galveston” is wistful and draws on inspirations as broad as Sparklehorse and Sheryl Crow.

Built around a chiming guitar line, Howerton recalls childhood trips to the island city of Galveston, singing evocatively of “candyland beaches” and “the East Texas sunrise making a face.” Howerton elaborates:

“An ode to Galveston, Texas — the capital of ghosts and good memories. One of the most literal recollections of growing up in Southeast Texas, ‘Galveston’ is a snapshot of an old childhood haunt."

Speaking about the video, directed by Grace Pendleton, Blair of Why Bonnie said:

"I wanted the video to reflect the experience of digging through old memories which sometimes really feels like finding little spotlights coming through the darkness.”

Galveston is Why Bonnie’s first release since 2020’s Voice Box EP, which celebrated unhindered expression through beguiling, propulsive guitar pop, the Nightgown EP, and their In Water EP, which eulogized Howerton’s older brother, who passed away years prior. Galveston presents a new, raw-edged indie sound from a band who have matured from bedroom dream pop into a sophisticated rock act.


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