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Whose Rules

WHOSE RULES releases glittering, spacey debut single “Malarkey”.

Norwegian lo-fi pop artist Whose Rules releases his first single “Malarkey” from his forthcoming dreamy EP under the same title, out September 18th.

His first single under the moniker of Whose Rules is an upbeat, atmospheric track with shimmering synths and hazy vocals inspired by the sounds of Gus Dapperton and Mac DeMarco with Thundercat’s sonic palate. Whose Rules’ previous project landed him a 7.1 Pitchfork rating on his self-titled debut EP under the name Marius.

Whose Rules says of “Malarkey”,

“I wanted it to be a low-key love song. I never truly know what the lyrics mean until way after the song is done, but I think it's about falling in love with someone you’ve briefly met…”

Whose Rules is a 23 y/o producer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist who grew up on a flower farm in a rural area roughly an hour outside of Oslo.

Three years ago, while exploring his family’s farm, he came upon an abandoned cabin and re-purposed it into a recording studio to make music with his friends and other artists alike.

Parallel to his work behind the scenes for artists such as Selmer, Ralph Castelli and Elah Hale,

Whose Rules spent 2018 and 2019 looking for a sound that would allow him to step into the forefront.

The result of that period is an eccentric self-produced EP that alchemically draws from a wide array of influences and experiences.

It’s a project that while succinct, showcases the depth of his creative ability and marks the beginning of a promising future.

Whose Rules - Malarkey


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