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Avant-pop sister duo Waterbaby share new single "Thin Air" via unititled recs (TAAHLIAH, Famous, Jerskin Fendrix).

Waterbaby release their new single “Thin Air”, marking the Londoners first release on untitled recs (home to TAAHLIAH, Famous, Jerskin Fendrix, and more). The track is the sisters’ long-anticipated follow-up to their explorative and experimental debut single “I don’t want to sing I don’t want to look'' which has earned plaudits from the likes of Warp Records, and international media outlets.

Martha and Jessica Kilpatrick (aka Waterbaby) have been quiet, mystical forces in the underground London scene for the past few years, emerging in and out of the sanctuary of their studio to perform their hypnotic live show with artists as varied as KedrLivansky, audiobooks, and DorianElectra. Much like the entirety of their output, their public performances are non-conforming, audiovisual experiences composed of punchy electronic soundscapes, siren-esque vocals, and hallucinogenic video projections.

Waterbaby’s insular and feminine sonic world showcases inventive song structures backed by dizzying layers of production – all crafted on their stash of lost & found analogue gear. In a world where the analogue and the digital seem to be in constant headlock, Waterbaby effortlessly solve the equation. The music operates in a space where a Cocteau Twins-esque anachronism meets the sharper edge of OneohtrixPointNever or LaurelHalo’s contemporary experimental electronica.

The new single “Thin Air” sees Waterbaby further develop their idiosyncratic sound. Entirely self-produced and recorded in the sister's studio in Peckham, the track is at once heavy and ethereal, underpinning dreamy vocals with a striking alien quality. “Thin Air” is a sonic journey that swoops from high pitched, airy, and angelic – to urgent, distorted, and dusky.

Speaking on the track they say

“It's a song about duality. We shapeshift from being in the driver’s seat to going along for the ride, ‘am I the pilot, or the passenger?’, and travel from day to night. We use aerial analogies and flight metaphors to describe periods of ascent and descent, and the ups and downs of life.

Throughout the song you soar and crash, sometimes looking down on the world below, existing somewhere in the clouds like an angel watching earth.”

For both their cult fanbase and new listeners alike, the new single is a consummate snapshot of everything the duo has worked on to date. With further new material and live dates on the horizon, “Thin Air” stands as a mesmerising take-off point for the duo as they propel us into a new world where female creativity is boundless.


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