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Icelandic alt-pop trio Vök share their new single ‘Skin’ via Nettwerk Records.

Icelandic trio Vök have shared their enchanting and reflective new single Skin, which is out now through Nettwerk Records.

New single Skin follows recently released single and video Lost in the Weekend, which gave an early taste of their new material recorded last year in their Reykjavík studios. The single was the follow-up to their acclaimed 2019 album In the Dark, which was written and recorded by the band in collaboration with producer James Earp (Bipolar Sunshine, Fickle

Friends, Lewis Capaldi).

With every track, Vök continue to develop their progressive alt-pop sound and Skin cements just how intricately captivating the band can be. Opening emotively and delicately, the song builds to an ethereal and pensive chorus that lyrically conveys someone not knowing who they are and being stuck in their own ‘skin’.

Lead singer Margrét says;

“Our character has been living by the standards of her community but feels like she is betraying herself.

She is afraid of who she is becoming, as that person is

someone that she doesn’t relate to, and she feels trapped and doesn’t know who or what she is –

she is stuck in her own skin.”

Through their unique and lushly layered sound that blends electro and indie with forward- thinking pop and a self-assured aesthetic, that is just as striking as their sound, Vök continue to cement their position as one of the most exciting alternative bands right now. Following two critically acclaimed albums, Lost in the Weekend and Skin are just the first musical

moments in an exciting year for Vök, with further new music announced soon.

Vök are Margrét Rán (vocals), Einar Stef (bass/guitar) and Bergur (drums).

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