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Vilde releases new EP 'Speaking with Strangers.

Vilde is the wandering project of Thomas Savage. Thomas grew up in Melbourne, Australia, where immediately upon finishing High School, co-formed a lounge-pop group and toured extensively. After a few years, at the age of 23, he decamped to Brighton, UK to form the rock band Kins. By 2015, after much touring, Kins had run a natural course and was laid to rest. At this point, and now living in Stockholm, Thomas founded Vilde. A trusty solo outlet for such a nomadic lifestyle, which has now seen Vilde release 4 LP’s, whilst moving between Stockholm, Melbourne, Düsseldorf, Norwich & Glasgow.

“In 2020 I was fortunate enough to be in a position which allowed me to encounter and converse with various strangers on a daily basis, most of whom had not met a new person in months.

I came to really feel how important this is for all of us. It gives us a sense of adjustment and participance to our wider societies and beyond that, the world.

There was a real sense of beauty in having a genuine connection on some level to people I barely knew. That feeling is at the core of this EP”

Vilde says.

The Speaking With Strangers EP is the latest offering reflecting this journey. It was written between Stockholm and Norwich, then produced & engineered by David Pye in Norwich, UK. Long time Vilde drummer, Jesper Hättander, contributed drums of gusto to the EP.



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