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The music project of Melbourne-via-Stockholm artist Thomas Savage shares his new single Hazel.

Vilde is the wandering project of Thomas Savage, which in it’s 5 years in existence has been based in Stockholm, Norwich, Düsseldorf and Melbourne. Four LP’s reflect this windy journey, each in which Thomas explores new tangents & moods.

Hazel is among a collection of songs set to constitute a fifth record in 2021. It was written in Stockholm and later produced & engineered by David Pye in Norwich, UK. Long time Vilde collaborator, Jesper Hättander, contributed drums recorded from afar in Stockholm.

“Hazel is a love song, put briefly. It’s equal parts pessimistic, optimistic, cynical and hopeful.”


There’s a resolution, caught you in the bar.

Underneath the light, highlighting all of the scars.

I was in no position, but I was overjoyed.

Hazel, turn your cards up, legs uncrossed, dealer spat you down.

Honest, law abiding, do your best, come to be spat out.

There’s a resolution, where you’re the theatre star.

Hold on to the reins, it’s getting, profane.

Onus ain’t around, it’s getting lame.

On another plane, uncoupled.

Physical and dry, hiding from the rain.

Vilde - Hazel / Phantom Mantra (singles)

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