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Shares new track "Red Sex (Re-Strung) [feat. Rakhi Singhi]" & launches new record label Palpu

Following the release of their last album 'Queen of Golden Dogsvia Tri-Angle Records in 2018, Vessel is back with a new track "Red Sex (Re-Strung) [feat. Rakhi Singhi]", a re-edit of anacclaimedtrack from Vessel's 'Punish, Honeyalbum. All the income generated from this track will go to Black Lives Matter causes in the UK & US.

Vessel is also launching a new record label with Rakhi Singhi called Palpu and will be releasing new material later this year following the recent news that Tri-Angle Records has shut down.

Speaking about the collaboration on "Red Sex (Re-Strung)",

Vessel said 

"Ever since I began working with Rakhi (Singh, violinist / co-founder & programmer of Manchester Collective) we had talked about how fun it would be to do a version of Red Sex with strings.

The woozy melody seemed to be asking for it. Trapped as we are in a flat in the heat of a London lockdown, preparing to release a load of new original collaborations in the near future and working hard on our new solo records, it seemed like the time to do it."

"Red Sex (Re-Strung) [feat. Rakhi Singhi]" is available as part of a fund-raising complication from QuJunktions 'Meantime', which also features the likes of Eartheater, Mantana Roberts and Visible Cloaks.

Rakhi Singh and Seb Gainsborough (Vessel) met whilst working on a piece for Immix Ensemble. A strong bond over music was the result, with both enjoying feeling out of their depth in regards to each others’ taste and musical background. They began to write their first collaborative piece not long afterwards entitled Written in Fire, which they toured across the UK.

Following on from this, Vessel & Rakhi has been busy creating a record label, Palpu. Speaking about this, Vessel said 

"The intention of the label is to have a place we can always call home; somewhere to present work that draws from our respective backgrounds in experimental & classical music, and which is liminal by nature."

"We have a massively talented group of people acting in support roles as well, from Rupert Morrison (of Sea Change Festival / Dinked Editions), to filmmaker Pedro Maia and artist Yuriko Shimamura. As good as it is to work with other labels, it's liberating to do it yourself. Keep it in the family, as it were."

There will be more new music from Vessel later this year. 

Vessel - “'Red Sex (Re-Strung)'” (Single)


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