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ultrviolence shares lead single "Self Care" along with their latest single and video “In Fashion” from upcoming album Sally Would Say.. 

ultrviolence is sharing a couple of singles from their awaited album Sally Would Say..  out on 25th of September. In the intervening years since the release of their last output, 2017’s Forty Knives EP (produced by Jason Corbett from ACTORS), founding member and primary songwriter Nate Jespersen made the move from his native Calgary to the rural landscape of Okanagan, in British Columbia. From his newfound mountain home in the semi-arid working-class soul of the region, Jespersen began writing and recording the new ultrviolence album in isolation. 

The result is Sally Would Say.., an album that reveals the emotional, painful, and ultimately inspirational trek in which he embarked. The songs emanate from the throes of Jespersen’s depression. Within, the listener can experience feelings of ultrviolence breaking free of wallowing nihilism by facing his demons head-on, and navigating the rocky terrain of ultimate self-acceptance and humility. Finding peace through an in-depth study of philosophy, the new album maneuvers through the perilous climate of his mind to emerge with a sense of tranquil clarity - something clearly reflected in its songwriting. 

ultrviolence is a three-piece from the outskirts of Calgary, Alberta. For over ten years, the band has been building its characteristic moody, post-punk sound purely on DIY principles. In basement rooms filled with battered instruments, blinking electronics, and swirls of electrical cables, UV has been steadily writing, playing, and recording its own material with little reliance on external influence; the band is autonomous and self-sufficient. It’s hard to imagine a set of circumstances that could breed more musical authenticity than this. Their music echoes from countless hours of work in prairie solitude; from countless hours hunched over instruments; from countless cigarettes.

ultrviolence’s immersive sound is built on the augmentation of a dark wave foundation. The band takes personal and thoughtful themes, mixes them with their signature dark sounds, and packages them neatly into relatively short and catchy songs. The melancholic and morose are unexpectedly infused with the bright energy and life of musical instruments, and are presented to the listener in a palatable manner. Since its inception, the band has been progressively crafting its live show to mimic the style of the music itself: the presence of the slow and structured is established only to be shattered by frenetic waves of musical instruments pushed to their limits. The static is punctuated by the dynamic. Each song is taken to its absolute climax as each individual instrument fuses with the others to create one single, big sound. The viewer is often left wondering how three musicians can produce the sound of six.

ultrviolence - Sally Would Say​.​.


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