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TYCHO and London-based musician nimino remixes recent single "Small Sanctuary", out now on Ninja Tune / Mom+Pop.

Tycho rounds off 2023 and sets up for a busy year ahead with a crisp and expansive, upbeat remix of recent single "Small Sanctuary" by London-based musician nimino, out now on Ninja Tune / Mom+Pop

Speaking on the remix, nimino comments:

"For a long time I’ve had a note in my phone with 10 specific environments that I want to visit, simply to be able to listen to 10 specific songs that I feel will perfectly accompany each of those environments. Since I first created it there has been a Tycho track in there, which I’ve always wanted to listen to in a desert in Namibia, so I feel quite privileged to be able to take one of Tycho’s tracks to a new location, wherever that may be for each person individually."

Tycho's Scott Hansen adds:

"I first heard nimino’s music while working on the Burning Man set this year. The balance of beauty and energy in his music is really something special!"

Speaking on how "Small Sanctuary" came about, Hansen says: 

"Innocent and unburdened by the trappings of modern life, children are a pure expression of the human condition. To watch them grow and learn is to witness a sanctuary for the human spirit.

I wrote this song for my daughter who brings me limitless joy and inspiration.”

"Small Sanctuary" is the second glimpse at Tycho's next sonic chapter, following the energising track "Time To Run", released back in July - Tycho's first new work in two years. 

This latest work sees him work once again with Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear on mixing and additional production duties, and shows the two artists growing their working relationship and honing their artistic vision.

"Small Sanctuary" debuted last month as part of Tycho's now infamous annual Burning Man sunrise set. You can listen to this year's full set below.


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