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Manchester’s TTSSFU shares sinister dream-pop of ‘I Hope You Die’ & announces ‘Me, Jed and Andy’ EP via Fear of Missing Out Records.

Newly signed to Manchester’s FOMO Records (Duvet, Umarells), DIY shoegazer TTSSFU announces news of forthcoming EP ‘Me Jed and Andy’ - due 23rd February 2024 - and shares new single ‘I Hope You Die’.

An EP inspired by the now-infamous 12-year love affair between avant-garde artist Andy Warhol and interior designer/film director Jed Johnson - as portrayed in 2022 Netflix Docu-series The Andy Warhol Diaries - ‘I Hope You Die’ is its dark, brooding opening track. Throwing spitefulness on a former partner with the gossamer beauties of a relentlessly gothic dream-pop hypnosis, it’s also one of the EP’s most personal tracks, as TTSSFU explains:

‘The EP is all about how I related to Jed and Andy’s relationship and the feelings they both experienced through a failed relationship and lack of being able to be clear with each other.

But ‘I Hope You Die’ has nothing to do with the Jed and Andy thing; that’s why the original EP name changed from ‘Jed and Andy’ to ‘Me Jed and Andy’!

I think ‘I Hope You Die’ is my favourite song on there, but the most exposing one too, as I’m talking about really personal anger in quite a blunt way.

I’ve not really tried to be clever and hide what that song’s about.

In addition to being the lead guitarist for rising Manchester band Duvet, TTSSFU aka Tasmin Stephens (she/they) has been recording, producing, mixing and mastering all their own music on Garageband since they fell in love with classic shoegaze music as a teenager. Spending the past three years self-releasing a steady stream of singles and EPs, Stephens’ latest work - ‘Me Jed and Andy’ - represents their most musically and conceptually ambitious set of recordings to date.

No longer content to merely produce music from their bedroom, TTSSFU readies themselves for their first full live show, complete with backing band, supporting Pregoblin at YES(Basement), Manchester, on 7th December.


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