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Share new single "Flush". Debut self-titled album out 28th Jan 2022 via Easy Life Records!

Thyla share with us new single "Flush", the latest to be taken from their long-awaited debut album out 28th January 2022 via Easy Life Records.

“Flush” continues in a rich vein of Thyla singles that have poked and prodded at the human condition. It’s a song that examines how humanity has lost itself in the digital world, becoming trapped in a network that promised to connect us but instead has ensured we become ever-more polarised. Atop its towering chorus, lead singer Millie Duthie basks in the feeling of having the strength to walk away from life online and all its confrontation, anxiety and posturing. She goes on to explain further:

“We’ve seen so much polarisation online, social media platforms act as echo chambers for the loudest and most extreme opinions. The situation is always more nuanced than the algorithm allows for. Flush is about the state of anxiety caused by comment sections, and about plotting to make some quick money and run away from it all.”

The single’s kaleidoscopic visuals almost exist as an echo of how information overload in the digital age can create distortion and chaos, as rival stimuli compete for our attention. Duthie comments further on the video:

“We chose to shoot Flush’at the abandoned village Tide Mills in East Sussex. The ruins symbolise the destruction of today’s society. We’ve abandoned our sense of community and real-world connections. With the advent of social media we were promised a world of interconnectivity but we’ve ended up in a digital dystopia; a society paradoxically more isolated and alone. The old school computer monitor references the vaporwave aesthetic: shattered dreams and broken promises of utopia.”


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