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Shares new video "Through Portals". EP 'Andra' out now via Houndstooth.

Following the release of his recent EP 'Andra' via Houndstooth, The Keep is sharing a new video for standout track "Through Portals"

Speaking about the video, The Keep said

"I made this video during UK lockdown after a bunch of my dear friends sent me snapshots of their

life in isolation."

The Keep is the solo project of Gothenburg-based Oliver Knowles who blends a collection of drones, noise and rhythms. Written between London and Gothenburg, 'Andra' is a record about movement.

Speaking about the new EP Knowles said

"'Andra' is about a journey and new beginnings. This narrative runs throughout the EP and but each track has it's own path.

A lot of the music is a reflection of my surroundings of the lakes and woodland on the outskirts of Gothenburg."

'Andra' is the follow up to The Keep's debut EP 'Primer', which came out last year, and is out now via Houndstooth.

The Keep - Andra


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