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Tess Roby

Shares title track from sophomore album 'Ideas of Space'. Out April 22, 2022 on the newly launched label, SSURROUNDSS!

Tess Roby’s explorative brand of electronic music continues to remain unique and visionary. A classically trained vocalist and a self-taught synth player, her songs ride the lines between pop, ambient and alternative folk structures, with an emphasis on voice as instrument.

Today the Montreal-based Tess Roby announces her forthcoming sophomore album, Ideas of Space, which comes in a process of moving towards full artistic independence. Roby acts as songwriter, producer, musician, music video and art director; and the album will be released on her own record label, SSURROUNDSS on April 22, 2022. With the announcement comes the release of lead single and mesmerizing title track “Ideas of Space” accompanied by a stunning video that perfectly complements the album’s themes using the interplay of bold, contrasting visuals.

Roby shares:

“‘Ideas of Space’ signals the beginning of a new chapter. This song is hypnotic and sinuous, and sonically possesses a certain power and urgency.

When I listen to it I imagine vast landscapes, a climb, a journey. Two distinct voices speak to each other; one lost, questioning, and the other guiding the way.

I wanted to visually represent those voices and the journey I was on while making this album; one of self-discovery, hardship, adventure and in the end, confidence and strength.”

Tess goes on to say:

“The video was made with a small and incredible team composed of DOPs and editors Patrick Boivin and George Allister (VideoCompany), and producer Sarah Mackenzie. It was an ambitious undertaking and I’m very proud of what we have made together.”

Picture by Hugo Bernier


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