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Techno Para Dos

Mexico-based electronic music composer Techno Para Dos, (Raúl Villamil) shares "Drama", his new studio album via Nadaville.

Techno Para Dos, is a very interesting solo project. It is in the dialogue with oneself where the Mexico-based electronic music composer Raúl Villamil finds his greatest source of truthfulness. Villamil's delivery is typically intimate, to the point you can

feel voyeuristic hearing it. The producer, live performer and teacher at the “arco ” art school- possess a singular knack for moods and theatricality.

Techno Para Dos definitely has a story to tell on "Drama", his new studio album out now via Nadaville. The entire album has been mastered by Tobias Freund at Non Standard Studio in Berlin.

Drama” offers a confidence boost for those moments when you feel paralysed in the world. A 7-track record to inspire people who love to listen and engage in the evolution of the experimental and dance-electronic underground subculture. The

blows and hugs between biting and gorgeous sounds conjure.

Techno Para Dos takes both the tranquil and harder edged sides of his music to new extremes, and finds fresh ways to incorporate melodies. As it was demonstrated in his previous record releases (“HOPE” in 2020, “Nos prometieron futuro” in 2019) Raúl has a strong sense of gradual build-ups, of comfort and calm as well as nostalgia and pinching in the heart. First single taken from this new album, “Even more dramatic”, remarked it to us.

His particular sound in the new release is not exempt from contemporary urban beats, techno IDM and danceable sequences either as evidenced in tracks like “Little Drama”, “Drama & Bass” and the impressive “Metadrama”.

Techno para dos is Raul Villamil’s project. One of the experimental electronic projects that has received more follow up in the country, it is characterized by a daring and careful mix of melodies and instruments that can manage to transport you to places where you can feel cold, hot or even ticklish. A sort of blanket that, when it rubs against your body, it can provoke diferent and even contradictory sensations.

Raúl has had the pleasure of collaborating and shared the stage with artists such as Argenis Brito (Mr. Coconut), Camille Mandoki, Ellen Allien, Priku , Matanza, Tito Rivas, &Me, Mans_o , Mircohom, Kasper Bjorke, Carlos Vivanco, among many others. Techno Para Dos has been presented in festivals such as Day Zero, Cervantino Festival, Mod, Sonar Mexico as well as other venues such as Slakthuset (Stockholm), the art gallery Miscelanea (Barcelona) and a few private parties in Bristol and London.

Recently he premiered his first work of all original music for dance with the Nohbords company called “Dorje” which was presented at the Museo Universitario del Chopo (UNAM) in Mexico City. He is co-founder of the experimental Mexican music label VAA and resident of Departamento club in Mexico City, as well as running the club’s radio program.

Raúl Villamil is also a teacher at the “arco” art school and currently directs the sound art course where artists such as Rogelio Sosa, Alvaro Ruiza Mayagoitia, Humberto Monopolar, Manuel Rocha Turbide have performed.

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