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We are invited to escape the matrix on new single "0010110" (Feat. Edan)! Post-matrix, debut solo album "Paradise Lost" is out October 8th on Rage Peace!

Today, Taraka (ex-Prince Rama) shares "0010110"; the second single from her recently announced debut solo LP, Welcome To Paradise Lost.

A "hymn to the new telepathic internet" or "thrash music for minotaurs," "0010110" is as mysterious as it is strangely addictive, a psychedelic labyrinth of a rollercoaster ride with exuberant catchy hooks that feels like it could have been a lost jingle for a 1970s cult children's TV show designed for AI.

Incorporating found sound collages, samples from youtube Pleiadian transmissions, baroque psych-pop elements from underground influences such as The Pretty Things, Red Krayola, Rainbow Ffolly, and some of the other more overlooked proto-punk psychedelic records, "0010110" is a kaleidoscopic, refreshingly playful anthem for weary outsiders searching for meaning beyond the veil of the burning apocalypse of our current digital reality.

As for the song's meaning? Taraka says:

"Oh and ps... in case anyone's curious, 0010110 is the passcode to exit the matrix.”

Since the breakup of the legendary underground cult duo Prince Rama, former frontwoman Taraka has thrown herself headlong into the dark existential world of her “inner teenager," merging bastard elements of outsider-psych, post-edenic grunge, kaleidoscopic punk and post-adolescent angst to create her debut solo album.

A departure from Prince Rama’s sparkly dance-pop sound, "Welcome To Paradise Lost" is a primal, electrifying, dirty and unapologetically life-affirming celebration of ennui and disillusion. Taraka's dishevelled anthems fuse a combination of lo-fi opulence with ecstatic punk ritual, like the vivid visions of the disturbed daughter of Kate Bush and Johnny Rotten who drank ayahuasca at the gates of Warped Tour ’02.


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