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Share title track & new video 'FICTION'. EP due Oct 30th via Joyful Noise Recordings.

Montreal-based SUUNS, made up of Ben Shemie, Joe Yarmush, and Liam O'Neill, are sharing the title-track from their forthcoming EP, FICTION, which is due out October 30th on Joyful Noise Recordings. The new track comes with an animated video directed by Dr. Cool/ Jordan Minkoff.

'FICTION' was inspired by BJ Burton’s work with Low and is about time moving simultaneously fast and slow. Speaking about the accompanying visuals, Dr. Cool/ Jordan Minkoff said 

“Considering the limited time and ability to film anything in the Montreal red zone I got the band to send me some videos of them playing. I tried very hard to make webcam footage look watchable by rotoscoping it and turning it into some glowie sci-fi thing. My animation style is usually more

colourful and wacky so it was fun to try and change it up for the SUUNS darkness.”

SUUNS are future-oriented. New sounds, new techniques, new ways of thinking; above all, new environments are the lifeblood of the band. And true to form, here on the FICTION EP, SUUNS are exploring fresh processes as a result of their current surroundings and global circumstances. 

On the FICTION EP, new sounds and sonic directions are fashioned out of old. A year-long period of limited resources and contact inspired the band to reflect on the various environments in which they've created music over the years: to comb through their previous sounds and creative approaches, and fuse them together with new ideas, ultimately producing a sort of future/past alchemy. The FICTION EP is as much a project of curation as it is one of creation: sifting, re-imagining, and re-framing, sometimes completely disassembling and then building from the ground up. Each song is a live-off-the-floor recording that was then taken into isolation and re-worked. It's the sound of SUUNS regrouping, and then poised, and then driving towards the future.

The FICTION EP is the first preview of more new music to come in 2021.


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