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Spring & I

The Copenhagen electronic producer-duo Spring & I share their debut EP 'Enough' along the lead single, 'I Hate Your Money'.

Ditte Angelo and Marie Friis rise against the patriarchy and rigid power structures with the release of their independent debut-EP, ‘Enough’. The Copenhagen electronic duo unites hard hitting club sounds with pensive themes as they follow up on last year’s widely acclaimed lead single, ‘Believe Me’.

We might all be living in 2023... but according to most studies and articles on representation and equality in the music industry, only 2-3% of all music released globally every year is produced by women, and when it comes to a niche like dark, clubby electronic dance music, we should probably add a zero followed by a dot to that already mad low number...Ditte Angelo and Marie Friis are of a rare species. But they’re here to make you listen!

They formed Spring & I way back in 2017 and started sharing musical ideas and remixes. As self-taught producers, Ditte Angelo and Marie Friis have created an uncompromising sound full of their raw, artistic energy and eventually they started touring hitting underground club nights in Copenhagen and even the influential Norwegian music industry festival, by: Larm. But then the pandemic hit...Despite the frustrations it caused, it also spawned a new bond between Ditte and Marie.

The silence and stagnation of lockdown on lockdown made the two question their overall thoughts of Spring & I and talking together gave them a new space to seek deeper in who they are as producers and human beings and what they want to accomplish.

They found themselves with a strong need to take back some of the control they, as women, have felt suppressed by living in a society with uneven, rigid power structures. The songs they wrote began to encapsulate a drive to gain redemption, and set the tone for the EP they knew had to make.

“The songs come from a mutual feeling of having had enough. We want to fight privilege blindness and the distrust in stories and experience that we feel are being undermined when coming from minorities in our society.

‘Enough’ is our way of claiming our freedom to speak up and stand out–the loudest voice, we as artists, could possibly release into the world and set free.

‘I Hate Your Money’ is a great example and personal experience of having to deal with a misogynistic, racist and sexist boss in the music industry,”

Ditte Angelo and Marie Friis tells.

‘I Hate Your Money’ is powerful, warped electronica by Spring & I. It’s the follow-up single to last years’ widely acclaimed release, ‘Believe Me’, that hit leading culture and music sites like Kaltblut Magazine, Soundvenue, ENFNTS Terribles, TRAX, LOCK Magazine and Danish national radio P3!

Stream / Download here


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