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spill tab

spill tab shares latest track & video ‘Anybody Else’.

Emerging Los Angeles-based, French-Korean artist spill tab releases her latest single ‘Anybody Else,’ an unapologetic expression of admiration complete with a vibrant new video directed by her friend and collaborator Jade Sadler. The track follows previous single ‘PISTOLWHIP,’ which earned praise from a multitude of publications, and saw spill tab appear in session for VEVO’s DSCVR Artists To Watch 2021 program. She also recently appeared on the cover of Spotify’s ‘Lorem’ playlist alongside her collective of fellow artists and friends in LA - Wallice, marinelli, and Mykey.

Of the new track and video, spill tab explains:

“This song is cheesy as fuck but I love it, it’s pretty straight forward, a little shameless - the lyrics are sort of a way of expressing my love without openly saying I love you. Jade Sadler (the video director) and I just wanted to have a shit ton of fun on this one. We thought about something with narrative or plot and it was just getting to be too corny. I wanted something lighthearted and playful, so we decided we would have all of our homies in this video paired with different colors and angles and set designs. I’m so excited with the way it turned out.”

‘Anybody Else’ and ‘PISTOLWHIP’ follow the bilingual singer’s debut EP 'Oatmilk,' released in late 2020 and featuring previous singles such as ‘Santé’ and ‘Name’. spill tab is the moniker of Claire Chicha (pronounced Shee-Shah) - singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, part-time tattoo artist, full-time animal lover, and oatmilk connoisseur. Working with her co-producer and close friend marinelli, she grabs disparate feelings, sounds, tones, and textures to form her distinctive brand of bedroom-pop. With lyrics in both English and French, she moves effortlessly between moody, late-night euro-pop inspired productions, to dreamy lo-fi LA tracks. Reaching over 10 million streams this past year and taking the cover for Spotify’s beloved 'Lorem' playlist, Chicha (paralleling the praise for 'PISTOLWHIP') has garnered support from an array of musical broadcasters. She’s had early heroes in the likes of Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 and Jack Saunders on BBC Radio 1’s Future Artists, and Lauren Laverne on BBC 6 Music.

At just eight months old, spill tab moved from Bangkok to the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. Her Algerian father worked as a composer and played jazz saxophone and flute, whilst her mum hailed from South Korea and played piano and harp.

Chicha recalls:

“sitting underneath my mother’s piano while she just ripped and performed these beautiful songs.

She participated in Show Choir at Burbank High and listened to everything from Paramore, Young The Giant, and All Time Low to Bon Iver, Charlotte Day Wilson, and Mac Ayers. In between attending French school, music remained abundant. Following time living in Bangkok and Paris, she enrolled at New York University for college, holding down A&R internships. After a stint touring with Gus Dapperton as merchandise manager, spill tab moved back to LA to focus on crafting her own music. The result is a sound that diffuses her expansive sense of place, crafting anthems designed to punch and pacify all at once, and marking spill tab as a multifaceted and exciting addition to the New-Gen music force.

Watch spill tab's explosive performance of 'PISTOLWHIP' for VEVO DSCVR here!


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