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Speaker Face

Toronto-based experimental electronic group, Speaker Face shares warm and melodic new single "Work Friends".

Speaker Face is sharing a rhythmic new single, “Work Friends,” a warm yet melancholic about the way we live our lives today.

"This is a song for the people who work jobs they don’t like with people they have to pretend to like - letting that person know that their real friends love them".

Speaker Face is an award winning earthy electronic band that melds the sounds of nature and machines. Combining acoustic instruments, voice and wilderness sounds with computers and synths, Speaker Face creates beats and sonic landscapes that immerse the listener in melody, groove and mood.

The palette of sound created by Trent Freeman’s layers of rhodes and violin, and Eric Wright’s atmospheric production and beats, are topped with the hauntingly honest voice of Ruby Randall.

Whether it’s a star-lit forest dance stage, an acoustically perfect soft seat theatre or the immersion of your headphones, the musical experience of Speaker Face is transportative and fully consuming.

Their upcoming album, Crescent, (out October 9, 2020) is reshaping the notion of genre, and captures the future of indie music within the building blocks of ancient sounds.

Speaker Face - Crescent


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