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SPARKLING share new single 'I Get Sad So Easily' taken from new album WE ARE HERE TO MAKE YOU FEEL out october 27 on Moshi Moshi.

Today, SPARKLING bring us a cheat code for feeling on top of the world with their latest single 'I Get Sad So Easily' ahead of their forthcoming album We Are Here To Make You Feel, out October 27th on Moshi Moshi. The track arrives with news of fresh tour dates, which include a UK appearance at The Windmill, London on November 13th.

'I Get Sad So Easily' sees synths bend and contort as if toying with their reflection in a hall of mirrors; guitars are pushed to distorted extremities - it's messy and addictive, hitting you like a rush of blood to the head. Its lyrics lean into the kind of emotional honesty that we lose past the point of childhood, longing for someone without self-consciousness, but SPARKLING still retain that particular ingredient that is so hard to find in our pop music these days: fun. The track arrives hot on the heels of previous singles 'Hey Hey Hey' and title track 'We Are Here To Make You Feel', which have earned the band support from the likes of international media outlets, as well as BBC 6 Music. Radio 1's Arielle Free quite aptly bottled the band's magic: "It kind of reminds me of The 1975... but if they were to have a baby with the Proclaimers. You would get these guys, trust me."

Speaking on the track, the band share:

"This song is about missing a person and realising you didn't tell them enough how you feel and what they mean to you. We wanted to get this feeling out in the most direct and raw way, lyrically and musically."

Building on their experience touring with Metronomy, their new album, We Are Here To Make You Feel, is a glimmering widescreen world where emotions are writ large, the group dealing in rousing choruses, twinkling synth toplines and an incessant desire to keep things propelling forward at pace. It’s a breathless expansion of the foundations laid by their debut LP I Want to See Everything and follow-up EP, 2022´s This Is My Life / Das Ist Mein Leben / C´est Ma Vie which was produced by Al Doyle and Joe Goddard of Hot Chip.

“We Are Here To Make You Feel is an album about the importance of expressing your emotions,”

the group say.

“It's about love in every kind of way. Love for your friends, lovers and family. It's a reminder to tell your loved ones that you love them. On this record, we wanted to say that in the most honest and straightforward way possible.”

SPARKLING’s multi-linguality and experience of living and playing in different European countries remains key to their identity. The album itself was recorded across several different terrains and locations - mostly in Germany, Belgium, France and England. Avoiding conventional spaces where possible, the trio concocted makeshift spaces in locations as varied as an old train station in a Belgian village, and an abandoned school in the middle of France.

SPARKLING - We Are Here To Make You Feel

Moshi Moshi - October 27th

Tour Dates

November 2nd | Münster, DE - Gleis 22

November 3rd | Hamburg, DE - Uebel & Gefährlich

November 4th | Berlin, DE - Marie-Antoinette

November 6th | Munich, DE - Milla

November 7th | Mainz, DE - Schon Schön

November 6th | Cologne, DE - Gebäude 9

November 10th | The Hague, HT - Paardcafe

November 13th | London, GB - The Windmill

November 15th | De Gudde Wellen, Luxembourg

November 16th | KulturA, Liege

November 17th | Supersonic, Paris

November 18th | Heerlen, NL - Booch Festival, Nieuw Nor


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