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Sorry Girls

Montreal duo Sorry Girls share new single & video "Breathe" from new album coming soon via Arbutus Records.

Montreal duo Sorry Girls, made up of Heather Foster Kirkpatrick and Dylan Konrad Obront share their new single & video "Breathe", which is out now via Arbutus Records.

Since forming in 2015 Sorry Girls have transformed an eerie, dreamlike sound into lush, pleasure seeking pop. “Breathe – their latest single – is a meditation on self-discovery, a song about slowing down in order to move forward.

“That song is about the feeling of freedom and getting to know yourself on a deeper level,”

concludes Kirkpatrick.

“It’s about releasing limiting beliefs and how those chase you for your whole life before you can move onto a new path.”

This is the first new music from Sorry Girls since their 2019 album 'Deborah' and a glimpse of what is to come from their new album, which will be coming in 2023.

Photo credit: Japhy Saretsky


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