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Soho Rezanejad

Electronic composer and artist Soho Rezanejad has joined forces with Agnese Menguzzato and Simone Antonioni, they share the track "Exit Blue Klein".

Exit Blue Klein is the first release of a luminous collaboration between Agnese MenguzzatoSimone Antonioni and Soho Rezanejad. Recorded in 2023 between Berlin and EMS in Stockholm, the three musicians used a lean setup consisting of guitar, cello and vocals, and worked collaboratively on production to generate two resonant surfaces of sound and bare emotion. 

Rezanejad’s singing begins Exit Blue Klein”; it is an exhalation washed with reverb. A granular synth-pad brings us into the track’s delicately structured fog: Menguzzato’s cello providing a warm, gnarled middle- ground, sometimes plucked into percussion and texture; Antonioni’s guitar accenting the song’s shifting planes of richly processed acoustic recording; and Rezanejad’s drawn out vowels contrasted with the vocalist speaking fragments of Farsi.

Like Yves Klein’s ultramarine hue, the track envelopes us in the deepest of blue. At certain points, the electroacoustic cloud is punctured, as the cavernous reverb is cinched into dry recording, and the pivot back into dream is exhilarating. Spatially, the song is an unpredictable and dynamic joy to move through. 


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