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Sløtface share anthemic new single "HAPPY", and announce new EP for February 2023.

Norway's much-loved Sløtface return today with the anthemic rush of "Happy", a call to arms in times of trouble, Haley Shea's hook of "I just wanna feel happy" a universal one. The band also share the welcome news that a full EP will follow in February next year, featuring not only "Happy" but recent double A-side "Beta / Come Hell Or Whatever".

Earlier this summer the band returned with the news that the group's figurehead Haley Shea would now be leading the band, with Lasse and Tor-Arne leaving to focus on new passions outside the group.

"For this upcoming EP the main themes I’ve been exploring are really joy, happiness and all of the opposites of these feelings - what it means to feel happy or content.

"Happy" is one of the first songs we finished writing together with the new band who perform the Sløtface songs live and also contribute on most of the recorded music.

Tobias, our guitarist, came up with the riff, and he, Nils, Marie, Simen and I just jammed around that in the rehearsal space, which was a positive change after working in a studio setting for a lot of the other new Sløtface songs.

Lyrically, the song is very direct, simple and honest. I was working on how to write about the themes of the EP and thought I’d try saying it as simply as I could. I truly do just want to feel happy.

And after a few years of soul searching as to what that could mean, this felt like the most direct way to express those feelings."

It was an amicable decision among friends as close as family and freed up Shea to push Sløtface into exciting new territories, with the band returning with a double A-side "Beta / Come Hell Or Whatever" that acted as a real statement of her intent. The smart pop-edge to "Beta" markedly different to the more band-orientated sound of "Come Hell Of Whatever".

Shea now describes Sløtface as a creative collective working with different musicians, songwriters and producers to explore what Sløtface can sound like. As that return showed us, Sløtface is whoever Sløtface wants and needs to be.

Influenced by 2020s indie icons such as Caroline Polachek and HAIM, the lead single "Beta" was co-written with songwriter and producer Mikhael Paskalev, and has their songwriting representing the next level for the band.

"Come Hell Or Whatever" showcased a more well-known set of sounds from Sløtface, with "Happy" another song in that vein - with the new line-up returning to the live stage, you know these are songs meant to be sung back at them on the stage.

Photo by Leah Solomonsen

Sløtface - Beta / Come Hell Or Whatever


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