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Sexy Bicycle

Sexy Bicycle shares the music video for "I Got You" taken from his upcoming EP, "Detectivesque".

Nika Elia is the man behind the Georgian solo project Sexy Bicycle, and "I Got You" is his new single with 70's retro vibes soundstyle reinforced with a funky-soul bassline and hypnotic chorus, altogether catchy in its whole.

He claims of "being possessed by a cinematic Pink Panther detective mood" which dreamed out the characteristic intro this song has, and the rest is something else to discover in his upcoming EP "Detectivesque", to be released on September 3rd.

"The plan was to make a kind of "unique mood" piece that embraces the Miami Vice vibes from the beginning to the end of the EP so you could feel you'd be ready for action after giving a listen to it. That's why it's my friend Gerard and me playing detective"

he says about the music video directed by Aroa Arias.

"She always gets me so I know I can always count on her".

Producing "Detectivesque", Nika limited himself by creating beats using only sampled drums and playing basslines with a down-tuned guitar.

"Once the rhythm was set, I began to bring in vocal melodies and play around with some words until I found the most honest ones which expressed my ideas as I would do naturally",

he says.

"The next step was to add keyboards and ask some friends to play out the melodies he had in his mind, always letting them feel free to come up with variations or contribute with something that they think could be interesting for the track."

A special mention is needed to announce that his new EP will be released as 200 limited, handcrafted copies of 7” vinyl which Nika will be silkscreening himself, so they'll be pretty unique.

Sexy Bicycle - "Detectivesque"


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