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Sally Saphiro

Swedish Italo disco/ synthpop duo Sally Shapiro share new album "Sad Cities (The Remixes), out now on Italians Do It Better.

15 years ago, Sally Shapiro shared their first song online. Blogs & record labels immediately took notice and Italians Do It Better's introduction to the pair was I’ll Be By Your Side”, a shimmering Italo Disco track with ethereal vocals that hypnotised everyone who heard it. Johan's elegant production was years ahead of what anyone else was doing at the time, & the elusive falsetto of the dreamlike singer was unforgettable.

Working in deep seclusion over the last half decade, they record Sad Cities, an incredible collection that came out this year via Italians Do It Better. A gorgeous bouquet of pure electronic bliss mixed by Johan Agebjörn & Johnny Jewel.

Now Sally Shapiro's Sad Cities has been remixed from artists around the globe. 12 amazing remixes exploring Sally's world and sound.

We are so honored to have been remixed by these skilled producers! Here's what they had to say:

"I first heard Sally Shapiro at an internet café in southeast Portland. 'I'll Be By Your Side' began spilling into my headphones as tears came to my eyes. Working on the remix was full circle. The lyrics are absolutely incredible and Sally's voice is as pure as ever. It's poetic that she sings 'Thinking of you... Wish you were by my side' recalling the first phrase I ever heard her sing many moons ago. " Johnny Jewel

"It was a real pleasure work on a Sally Shapiro song for two reasons: first because we like her personal and fresh take on Italo and synthpop, and second because Italians Do It Better is one of our favorite labels. Beyond cool!" Italoconnection

"It’s been an honour to remix Sally Shapiro as she (and Johan) were one of my earliest inspirations when I started making music. I was completely in love with Junior Boys’ remix of Sally’s “Jackie Junior” so it feels like a full cycle and a dream come true to be able to remix her now myself." VONDA7

"Sally Shapiro are so important for me so many others. The music creates an atmosphere of distant memories and places, almost dreamlike nostalgia. The mark of a good song is that it holds up when you strip everything away, and that’s so true of the vocal for ‘Dulcinea’. A joy to work on, and an honour to be involved with." Ben Macklin

"I know Sally Shapiro´s music from the past and I like it so this was a pleasant task for me. Also the story about a "sad city" spoke to me and inspired me to dive into the spheres that are there to be heard today." Jaakko Eino Kalevi

"When I heard there was a chance I could get to work on a Sally Shapiro track, I immediately jumped at the opportunity. It was super fun to make a remix that was unique and yet retained their unmistakable sound. Placing my old Dr. Groove drum machine under Sally's angelic voice, was like the best tasting salted caramel. " Bark Bark Disco

"I had a great time remixing "Tell Me How" by Sally Shapiro. I've always loved Sally's ethereal vocal style and am a big fan of the music she makes with Johan. I loved getting the chance to put my own spin on things with this driving dreamy synthwave remix every car stereo needs this summer." Sunglasses Kid

"I have enjoyed Sally’s voice ever since I remixed “Why did I say goodbye” way back in 2014. I had a lot of fun working with “Love in slow motion” and I aimed for a heartfelt, lush mid 80’s sound, similar to the likes of “Life in a Northern town” by Dream AcademyBetamaxx

"The original song hinted at that bittersweet, solitary wonder which I've come to strongly associate with December. It was a real treat massaging the remix with a cup of tea, purring cat in my lap, gazing at the frozen lake from a frosty studio window. The peace, quiet and magic of the sidelines. A soft, pulsating soundtrack for some invisible club of anonymous loners." Krister Linder

Sally Shapiro's music is heavily influenced by 80s italo disco. The project also includes the composer and producer Johan Agebjörn, both live in Lund, Sweden. Sally Shapiro's real name is something else. She is too shy to perform live.


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