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Ruby Fields

Ruby Fields shares stunning new single ‘Bottle’o’ from debut album Been Doin’ It For A Bit, out this Friday, 24th September 2021.

In the lead-up to her hotly anticipated debut album Been Doin’ It For a Bit out this Friday 24th September 2021, acclaimed singer-songwriter Ruby Fields has released what may be her finest moment captured on tape yet.

The restrained, vulnerable and heartfelt new single ‘Bottle’o’ finds Fields behind an upright piano as her delicate vocals take centre stage. It’s a track that shows another side of Ruby - who’s just as well-loved for her more raucous moments - in a piece of new music that’s bound to be a hit with fans. Diary-entry songwriting at its most beautiful and fragile.

Ruby Fields is a natural-born storyteller, and the lyrics in this track are no exception. Like many of her best songs, it’s born from lived experience. As per usual, Fields is never afraid to tell it like it is.

“I wrote ‘Bottle’o’ in August 2019 living on the old farm waiting for someone to visit, who never made it,” she recalls of the track’s inception. “Went to the shops, tried to get money out and couldn’t. I didn’t have my ID so I had to use cash and my passport to buy beers. Got home and wrote a pretty ordinary poem about it in my opinion but then I sat at a piano and just took it from there and now it might be my favourite.”

So far, fans have been privy to ‘R.E.G.O’ - a brooding slice of fuzz-pop that traverses masochism and existential dread - and ‘Song About a Boy’, a heart-wrenching track that explores the darker sides of romantically complicated friendships.

All things considered, it’s no surprise that ‘Bottle’o’ finds Fields at her most brutally honest. With newfound depth to her songwriting and life experience, she’s able to turn songs of bottle shops, overdue regos, and everyday life into something profound. Call it Cronulla poetry, if you will. As Ruby says, it all comes from a place of personal growth.

“Since I was 17 I’ve been doing the Ruby Fields thing, but I gave myself a break last year to finally come to terms with who I am as a person,”

says Ruby of the forthcoming album.

“Making mistakes is part of life, but in 2020 my self-worth wasn’t validated by who I was on stage. So I’ve been working on being a better friend, partner, bandmate; just a better person.”

Bottle’o’ is yet another insight into the new Ruby Fields album, Been Doin’ It For A Bit that was produced by longtime collaborator Chris Collins (Skegss, Gang Of Youths, Middle Kids) and mastered by John Davis (The Killers, Gorillaz, Dua Lipa, Lana Del rey). A record that promises to leave its mark on listeners, with critics likening Fields to Australia’s answer to

Phoebe Bridgers.

.Been Doin’ It For A Bit is out this Friday, and can be pre-ordered here.


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