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Roxanne de Bastion

British Singer-Songwriter Roxanne de Bastion announces album ‘You & Me, We Are The Same’ (due September 3rd) and shares single & video ‘Molecules'!

Rising singer-songwriter Roxanne de Bastion announces the release of her cathartic second album ‘You & Me, We Are The Same’.

The ten songs were written by Roxanne, then recorded and produced with Bernard Butler, during the two-year period Roxanne was losing her father. However, ‘You & Me, We Are The Same’ is not a sad album. It has moments of euphoria, of fun, of falling in love, as well as falling apart, because as Roxanne explains:

all those things still happen, even in our darkest chapters.”

As producer Bernard Butler states further:

“Roxanne sings great modern pop songs about being Roxanne in 2019. I really enjoyed making this album, I think we created something emotional and special.”

New single ‘Molecules’ is a slice of hypnotic, invigorating and intelligent dark-pop fusing elements of psych, folk, and a love of late 60s production, with Roxanne’s sound taking inspiration from artists like The Beatles through to Regina Spektor. Roxanne’s pure vocal is both contrasted and complemented by the screaming violins and vigorous guitar riffs, the latter, alongside the video’s stylised black and red silhouetted imagery, a nod to The White Stripes’ influence. The track’s drum sound is actually clapping and Roxanne herself hitting things like tambourines and floor toms in Bernard’s living room.

Lyrically, ‘Molecules’ raises some divine questions in its refrain “You can shout at molecules and see them react…that might be God, they might have mislabelled that.” As Roxanne states:

“What if we got it wrong? If there is such a thing as divinity, maybe it’s more on a modular level.”

To celebrate the album’s release, Roxanne de Bastion has announced she’ll return to the Moth Club, London on 12th October, with full band and live audience. The show marks a year since Roxanne’s virtual gig at the venue during the start of the pandemic, which was broadcast worldwide and recorded for her 10” vinyl ‘Live at Moth Club’ EP.


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