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Rare DM

New York singer and producer Rare DM shares new single “Hotel Jacuzzi” & announces spring Europe tour dates.

After the announcement of her Mexican tour with Drab Majesty, Erin Hoagg aka Rare DM is sharing her new track “Hotel Jacuzzi” along new dates across Europe.

Hotel Jacuzzi is a song about dreams, desire, manifestation, savoring the moment, vs the dark side of luxury - voyeurism, greed, too much of a good thing, never living happily in the present moment; the thread count is never high enough.

The song started with the main drum beat - an sds9 16th note rhythm I played, which I found addicting and inspiring. Although I don’t remember how I first improvised the lyrics, I ultimately was trying to manifest my dream life… and then got a little carried away with it. I want to be in a hotel jacuzzi - with the perfect partner, not able to keep your hands off of each other, spontaneous, traveling around the world, staying in glass houses, in the finest sheets.

Never lonely. In this reality money is no obstacle, and you have no obligations outside of having a good time.

While envisioning this “perfect” life, it makes me wonder if people are ever happy, or if they always want more. Would I take it for granted? I’ve known people who can never be happy. No matter how far they go, how much money they make, how big the house, it is never enough, they still feel sad.

How does it feel to be trapped in luxury? Is it still as seductive and decadent as it seems outside the glass house? I don’t know how I would feel if I got there, but I would like to find out.

“Baby! I like spontaneity! Just you and me! And a Hotel Jacuzzi!”

Dance Music, Dark Matter, Direct Message, Dungeon Master, Distant Memory, people have tried to decipher the meaning behind the name Rare DM, but really it’s the Brooklyn-based singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Erin Hoagg.

Rare DM is Hoagg at her most vulnerable and visceral, as she mines dates, breakups and other adventures to make revealing, romantic darkwave dance-pop music.

With a collection of vintage analog synths, Hoagg transforms the mundane into the magical, transposing real DMs she’s sent and received into romantic darkwave dance-pop music. Her songs reflect on the fractured nature of modern communication and online dating, rendering vulnerable and visceral moments in raw detail.

2020 single “Send Nudes” was described as “somber yet scintillating” by PAPER, and “sent ripples across the electronic music spectrum” ( The accompanying music video has since racked up 165K+ views on YouTube.

Follow-up “Rolex” is a creepy club banger that echoes the acid techno of the ‘90s as much as the distant future: a compelling piece of neon-lit hybrid pop.

"Rolex" came to life after a TikTok clip Hoagg created, in which she demoed the song, went viral. It echoes the acid techno of the ‘90s as much as the distant future: a compelling piece of neon-lit hybrid pop for the age of information overload. “Rolex” depicts “a classic story of revenge” (PAPER) in which Hoagg’s “tormented young bride” keeps up with the Joneses—by any means necessary. The theatrical music video was directed by Jake Moore and Lisa Saeboe, whose short film Night of the Tilberi Hoagg also scored in 2021.

Since “Rolex”’s runaway success, Rare DM has become a favorite on TikTok (where she has 38K+ followers of her own), regularly soundtracking creators’ animations, sculptures and makeup looks, including one tutorial that has amassed over 9 million views.

Rare DM lives up to her name in live performance by utilizing a DAW-less setup—dancing between an Octatrack, a Machinedrum and other analog gear. 2022 alone saw Rare DM opening for Molchat Doma, headlining Verboden Festival (Vancouver) and performing at SXSW, Cold Waves X (Chicago), Flesh & Steel (NYC) and selling out Synthicide’s debut Goth Boat “Synths at Sea” in New York.

This April she will be touring across Europe, before returning to North America in May to support Drab Majesty on their tour across Mexico.

Tour Dates

Apr 27

Oslo, Norway

Apr 30


Vienna, Austria

May 03 Bike Jesus Prague, Czech Republic

May 04 Gala Hala Ljubljana, Slovenia

May 07 L'International Paris, France

May 10 Tanzhaus West Frankfurt, Germany

May 11 Alter Mannheim, Germany

May 14 Alter Berlin, Germany

May 25 Foro Independencia Guadalajara, Mexico

May 26 Museo de la Ciudad Queretaro, Mexico

May 27 Foro Indie Rocks Mexico City, Mexico

Jun 08 Tv Eye Ridgewood, NY


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