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French electro duo Polo&Pan shares their new EP Feel Good.

French electro duo Polo&Pan releases their new EP‘Feel Good’, available digitally now via Hamburger Records, Ekleroshock & Caroline International.

It follows the recent release of the  EP title track as a single, clocking over 750,000 streams in the space of a week and securing airplay at Radio 1.

The ‘Feel Good’ EP is the hotly-anticipated follow up to Paul Armand-Delille and Alexandre Grynszpan’s successful 2017 debut album ‘Caravelle’ - certified Platinum world-wide, alongside a sold-out international tour which saw the pair make their Coachella debut and sell out huge rooms including London’s Printworks.

The globe-spinning adventures of Polo&Pan were sparked when producers Armand-Delille and Grynszpan met back in 2012 on the mirrored dance-floor of era-defining Paris nightspot Le Baron, where both were at the time resident DJs. Assuming a new soubriquet morphing their previous DJ aliases Polocorp and PeterPan, Polo&Pan embarked onto a turbo-charged path to success over the course of their three EPs and debut album issued to date.

Summoning the promise of summer with pitch-perfect French Touch instincts, the ‘Feel Good’ EP fizzes with the uncomplicated spirit of playfulness with which it was pieced together.

Its title track is Polo&Pan’s self-confessed “Celebration of optimism”, blowing in on a warm breeze of insouciance and lazy handclaps.

A rare segue into English lyrics - alongside EP closer ‘PeterPan' (following the near entirely Francophone ‘Caravelle’) - the single is informed by a love for the sounds coming out of America’s West Coast in the 70s, losing none of their Gallic charm in the process. Attentive fans of ‘Caravelle’ will recognise the vocals of Armand Penicaut (of French alternative band Papooz) and director, illustrator & singer Victoria Lafaurie (who also performs live with Polo&Pan) on the suitably illusory ‘Attrape-Rêve’ (dream-catcher). Paying tribute to Air’s genre-defining Moon Safari, the track probes a faltering relationship over stuttering electronics and wisps of saxophone.

Whilst the ‘Feel Good’ EP is suffused throughout with the bliss signposted by its title, it also demonstrates Armand-Delille and Grynszpan’s range as songwriters & producers.

The pulsing ‘Pili Pili’ - named after the hot pepper and centred around the wind instruments Polo&Pan fell in love with prominent in Brazilian, African & Caribbean music - feels tailor-made to galvanise the enormous crowds that Polo&Pan played to across 2019 at the likes of Coachella and Rock En Seine.

You suspect there’s worse you could do than follow the playful imperative that Polo&Pan’s latest release comes bearing, and simply ‘Feel Good’….

Feel Good’ EP is out now across all digital platforms & with release on vinyl format to follow on September 11, 2020.

Polo & Pan - Feel Good’ EP


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