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Pearly Drops

Pearly Drops share new EP ‘A LITTLE DISASTER’ accompained by the official video for "Take me down" out now via Cascine.

Finnish duo Pearly Drops - AKA Sandra Tervonen and Juuso Malin, share their long-awaited sophomore albumA Little Disaster. The release is paired with the video forTake Me Down, and out now via independent Los Angeles-based imprint Cascine.

Pearly Drops, the duo fashioning a world out of softly smudged, contemporary pop music – have created a breathtaking body of work that they poured everything into during the last few years of continuous gloom.A Little Disaster is an 11-track sonic soundscape that draws narrative from picturesque art-house and horror movies as well as avant-garde fashion and digital culture rabbit holes, painting the scene of vivid nightmares and somber undertones in their unmistakably unique sound.

Writing and recording during the worldwide pandemic, they found solace in their creative work, finding peace in the studio for some self-restoration and introspection. Serving as their own self-contained audiovisual continuum, the album and single covers were hand painted by singer/producer Sandra in the band’s Helsinki studio. She reflects:

“I started to associate more and more radiant pigments – or luridness, even – with the album, as I felt like the sense of irresolution and anxiety was so prevalent on the songs. There was also this kind of cozy warmth and tenderness (despite all the ominous undercurrents)

I wanted to embody in the cover art.”.

Their multifaceted DIY-spirit makes them a unique prospect as they create all facets of their output including the press shots, styling, videos and visuals. The new album follows their breakout LP, Call For Help’.

The release of the album is paired with the official video for Take Me Down’, directed by Gabriel Boicel. On the video, he adds:

“The visual for "Take Me Down" was inspired by the "Second Life" multimedia platform. It's highlighting the visual beauty in a crooked, broken digital world that feels barren and empty.

I explored the concept of giving life to digitalized versions of ourselves by adding movement and physics."

The follow-up track to Kiss Away The Pearly Dropsand ‘I Cry While You Sleep’, and ‘Feed The Fire’, the duo return with yet another ethereal pop tune that sounds like it could be from another planet entirely.

An accomplished double-act operating out of Helsinki, alongside their own productions, the label owners and artists have provided compositions to acts including ALMA, Nightwave and Inga Copeland. They’ve earned golden and platinum records for their work with others and have been awarded the Teosto Prize – one of the Nordic countries’ most prestigious symbols of recognition. Their snatches of nostalgic soundscapes combine to create a sense of time and placelessness, a feat that has gained recognition across the spectrum of the alternative media, including the likes of international media outlets.

2023 is the year the world takes notice.

Picture by JUUSO MALIN


01 - Feed The Fire

02 - It Follows

03 - I Cry While You Sleep

04 - Kiss Away The Pearly Drops

05 - Take Me Down

06 - Forest Scene

07 - One-Woman Boy Band

08 - Heath

09 - Get Well

10 - My Ashes Blow Away

11 - Big Trouble

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